Andreas Weisser – Conservator – english information

  • audio and video restoration: scientifically tested, gentle restoration technique for magnetic tapes with sticky magnetic layer.
  • conservation consultancy: as your conservation consultant I advise you on all your questions regarding the conservation and restoration of modern media.
  • archive support: development, evaluation and re-conceptualisation of media archives (photo, film, magnetic tape, documents, print work, manuscripts, etc.) in strict compliance with conservation and restoration standards.
  • consultancy on your digitalisation project: comprehensive assistance, planning and advice for all your digitalisation needs.


Along with the existence of audiovisual data carriers – whether these are records, films, audio or video tapes, CD or DVD – come new challenges for classical archives and museum depots. Unlike most other material combinations, audiovisual data carriers are much more susceptible to climatic conditions and contaminates. Some data carriers even release themselves harmful decomposition products in the process of deterioration. After a thorough analysis and assessment of the current state, I start searching (always in close collaboration with you) for possible avenues leading to the optimisation of your archive and the archiving conditions therein.

Constructional Advice

The re-conceptualisation of archive rooms depends on several factors determining optimal storage conditions for audio and video tapes. In particular, the exact location of the rooms, the room interior, the planning of ventilation- and air-conditioning technology, as well as the state of the floors and walls play crucial roles for media preservation. Choose a comprehensive advisory service for the good of your tapes!


Much vaunted remedy for future decay: digitalisation. Only rarely, the effects of seemingly unsuspicious digitalisation are considered in detail. In order to provide ‘optimised’ storage (e.g., on DVD), the data are often highly compressed. However, data compression also means data loss! Essentially, this means a loss of original “substance” – something you surely would not accept in the case of a work of art or archival documents. You should always check the operational proceedings of digitalisation, for instance, whether data reduction is necessary. There may exist loss-free alternatives! Furthermore, the new storage media should meet conservational demands. Otherwise you will loose your seemingly safe records in no time at all.

Technical advice and service specifications

Inviting and comparing offers before selecting a reliable partner for the digitalisation of your tapes are important steps on your way to your own digital archive. I assist you in the compilation of a performance catalogue and, if desired, I conduct all technical talks with individual contractors. After bidding, I provide you with an expert opinion that includes concrete recommendations regarding the further course of action. During the entire digitalisation process, I take care of the technical side of communication as well as quality control, ensuring that you will receive fault-free digital data carriers.